How to Get a Lot of Trainer Points Fast in Nintendogs?

Answer Nintendogs isn't real hard so this will most likely be easy. (P.S.- This works way easier right before you go to bed.)

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How to Get Trainer Points Fast in "Nintendogs"?

To earn all of the unlockable breeds, locations and items in "Nintendogs," you will need to get Trainer Points. Trainer Points are the main indication of your in-game progress; the more points you ... Read More »

How to Earn a Lot of Trainer Points on Nintendogs?

You know there is a way to earn extra trainer points on Nintendogs? Keep reading to find out how to get them!

How to Get Easy Trainer Points (Nintendogs)?

Do you need Trainer Points in Nintendogs but don't want to work for it?Keep reading if you do.

How to Get Money, Trainer Points and Items on Nintendogs?

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