How to Get a Logon Password?

Answer Setting a password to your user account on your computer helps protect your private files and applications from unwanted invasion. Windows recommends that those using the operating system get a pas... Read More »

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How do I reset a Windows logon password?

Reset Windows PasswordRestart the computer, and wait for the Windows login screen to appear. Select the user name and press "Enter". A message will appear saying, "Did you forget your password?" Se... Read More »

How to Change a Password Logon for a Dell Computer?

Passwords are used in the Windows operating system to give users their own accounts. If you want to change one of the passwords on your Dell computer, you can do this with just a couple clicks of y... Read More »

How do I change an expired password logon message sound?

Open the Control PanelLog on as the Administrator or a user that has administrative privileges. Open the Control Panel.Go to the Sounds TabType "Sound" in the search box and then click "Sound" agai... Read More »

To open Macro document asks me a password though not protected with password by me. what is that password?

Either someone has password protected that file or whole drive like a flash or jump drive ...if that file is not password protected by you the you must open that file on the computer that made it... Read More »