How to Get a Loan on the Internet?

Answer Everyone gets short on cash. It's happened to every American. But you don't need to worry about bouncing checks, or worse. You can use cruise the web for a loan these days.

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Can you put a stop-payment on an Internet payday loan?

On One Hand: Yes You CanYou can call your bank before the Internet payday loan is scheduled to come out and request a stop-payment verbally.You will need the amount of the payment that is to be dra... Read More »

Which loan is better: an auto loan or a signature loan?

On One Hand: Auto LoansWhen you are purchasing a car, you can use the car as collateral so that the loan becomes less risky for the lender, which means you get a lower interest rate. A lower intere... Read More »

How can I get rid of my private student loan and switch to a federal loan with a lower interest rate?

Call the US Department of Education because sometimes they will buy your loan off and then you can pay them instead. I have a student loan through the Dept. of Ed. and my interest is only 2%. Cal... Read More »

What is a "loan forgiveness" option for a student loan Where would one find the details in writing?

Yes, it's true but there are a lot of hoops to jump through. The details can be found here :…Basically, you have to work in a public service job for 120 ... Read More »