How to Get a Loan Without a Guarantor?

Answer A guarantor, also sometimes referred to as a cosigner, is a person who legally commits to assuming responsibility for loan payments in the event that a loan applicant cannot pay. For example, an ap... Read More »

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What is a guarantor on a loan?

On a loan, a guarantor is an individual who ensures that debts are paid in the event the primary debtor cannot repay his obligations. Guarantors are often required on loans to small companies and c... Read More »

Duties of a Guarantor?

A guarantor is an individual, company or institution pledging to make good on a debt or product. Through a legal document known as a guarantee or guaranty, guarantors promise to pay for someone els... Read More »

Worries - Guarantor?

Your family seems to be enabling your sister to not be responsible.As horrid as it sounds, the family need to say 'NO'. Your sister is 33 years old and she needs to act like it. There is no 'if s... Read More »

What is a guarantor mortgage?

A guarantor mortgage is a mortgage that requires the participation of an additional individual who agrees to pay any mortgage payments that the mortgage holders cannot. This person is typically a f... Read More »