How to Get a Loan Without Any Credit History?

Answer Your credit history illustrates how responsible you have been with debt in the past. When you apply for a loan, your lender will pull a copy of your credit history from the credit bureaus for revie... Read More »

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Student Loan without a cosinger and no credit history?

Yup, if you haven't filled out your financial aid application already, start it now. There will be a question that asks you if you're interested in student loans, say yes ... Read More »

Auto Loan With No Credit History?

You may find that you can obtain an auto loan even if you do not have credit history. There are several avenues to explore, although the process may take time. You may find you need money down or h... Read More »

Can I get a Private student loan w/o a co-signer w/ No credit history?

I asked a similuar question and got 2 answers... Fafsa. I know that's probably not helpfull, but if you do get a good answer please let me know!! Good luck, it seems that we both may need it :P

Can i get a home equity loan with no credit history?

You can get a home equity loan even if you have no credit history. It works because a home equity loan has a secure type of collateral--your home--that is available to the lender if you fail to mee... Read More »