How to Get a Little Healthier While Staying Just as Lazy?

Answer Most of us would like to stay as healthy as possible. And a lot of us would probably like to do so without having to do much about it at all! Is it possible to get a little healthier while staying ... Read More »

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Can I have just a little alcohol while breastfeeding?

Yes, it's fine.Current research says that occasional use of alcohol (1-2 drinks) is not harmful to the nursing baby. The American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Drugs classifies alcohol (ethano... Read More »

I think i just threw up a little in my mouth while i sleep!?

Noxmist,You probably have Acid Reflux Disease, does it sometimes do this when bending over stuff will come up in your throat ? You need a Gastric Doctor I in 2007 got to where I could not eat or dr... Read More »

Why does the my laptop after being on for just a little while sound like its racing When it does this?

I'd be racing and overheated too if I was on your lap - just sayin.

Any tips on staying awake while driving?

Number one and best advice is to get a good night's sleep before you start out. You shouldn't drive if you are tired. Fact: A sleepy driver can be just as impaired as a drunk driver. The cones ... Read More »