How to Get a List of Columns on MySQL PHP?

Answer A MySQL database consists of tables containing rows of data separated into columns. The MySQL "SHOW COLUMNS" query is used to list the columns of a particular table. You can use the PHP "mysql_qu... Read More »

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How do I show columns in a MySQL table?

Using DESCRIBEThe simplest way to retrieve a list of the columns in a MySQL table is to use the DESCRIBE command in the MySQL command line client. Simply type:DESCRIBE table-name;For example, to vi... Read More »

How to Find a List of Databases on a MySQL Server?

A MySQL database, or schema, contains tables and data and is stored on a Web server. The server itself holds one or more databases. Some larger applications may use several tables across several da... Read More »

How to List a Field in a MySQL Database With a Certain Date in PHP?

Most dynamic, Web-based applications use a database to store and retrieve data to interact with users and determine program flow and functionality. PHP has several functions that make it easy to st... Read More »

How do I flow a list across multiple columns?

Inserting the ListType the list you want to flow across multiple columns in Microsoft Excel, a process also called merging, into a cell you where you want the list to begin. Remove data in any of t... Read More »