How to Get a Life and Not a Facebook?

Answer Do you feel like you're wasting your life? That all your time flies by when your on Facebook and the time it steals, and the social ladders it creates? Do you want to quit this addiction? Well you'... Read More »

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Facebook freinds in real life?

You might have activated the BEST FRIEND option (star marked). Or, your interactions with your close friends are easily visible by other fb friends.

What are the awards for sorority life on facebook?

Here are ALL of the awards they offerHope this helps hunBank Account Ebenezer Scrooge: Opening A Bank Account Silas Marner: depositing $100,000 in the bank Mr. Potter: depositing $2,000,000 in th... Read More »

Cute life/love quotes for facebook?

I love reading love quotes, just the meaning of them and how they effect you ..Well, I know a ton, and most or all of them came from websites like these: Read More »

Sorority Life on Facebook :) KEEPSAKES FOR TRADE! :D?

Maybe this site can be of some assistance:http://www.facebook-cheats.comor the Facebook Help Center: I helped,[Jonathan]