How to Get a Life (Girls)?

Answer Getting a life isn't always easy, but it's not entirely impossible. All it takes is a little determination and patience. If you feel that you have no friends, popularity, or life, read on!

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Facts of life tv show who was the woman who took care of the girls on the facts of life?

How to Make a Life Survival Kit for Girls?

Girls, you're wrapped up with stuff we want, but we want to be prepared for fun. These instructions will make a kit to prepare you for anything you want.

How to Make Life Fun (Preteen Girls)?

You wake up,eat breakfast,get dressed...Same boring stuff!Then the next day it's the same thing over and over!From everything to your room to your social life,here's how to mix things up and have s... Read More »

Who are life harder boys or girls?

girls; periods, pregnancy pains, childbirth. all you men out there really don't know how lucky you are. men don't have to cope with any of that. you just frollock about kissing one girl then anothe... Read More »