How to Get a Legal Separation in California?

Answer Unlike divorce, legal separation doesn't end a marriage. Legal separation is for couples who want to live apart but aren't willing to end their marriage for religious, financial or other reasons.

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How do I amend a legal separation to a divorce in California?

Check with the court where you filed the legal separation petition to determine whether your spouse has filed an answer to the original petition.If your spouse has not filed an answer and you have ... Read More »

What is an Uncontested Legal Separation in California?

In California a legal separation is considered to be uncontested when both parties agree on the terms of the separation. An uncontested legal separation also occurs when your spouse or domestic par... Read More »

Reasons for Legal Separation?

Legal separation, otherwise referred to as judicial separation or separate maintenance, is a legal process in which married couples formalize separation while remaining legally married. Courts gran... Read More »

Legal Separation in Oklahoma?

Legal separation is an alternative to divorce. It allows spouses to remain married but live separately. During a legal separation proceeding in Oklahoma, a court divides property and may award ali... Read More »