How to Get a Large Tree Branch for Your Reptile?

Answer Providing your reptile with a piece of wood that it can crawl on and sleep under may seem as simple as grabbing a tree branch off the ground and plopping it in the cage, but that's not a good idea ... Read More »

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If a tree branch falls from your neighbor's tree into your yard, should he have to pick it up?

Legally, in most states if it is in your yard, then it's your problem.

How thick should a tree branch be for a tree swing?

I would abandon the Do It Yourself approach and err on the safe side by having SwingsRus construct one from welded steel girders solidly set in concrete foundations. They also have a wide choice o... Read More »

How to Plant a Tree Branch?

When you want to create a replica of your favorite tree for yourself or to share with a friend, plant a tree branch from that tree. Different processes exist when planting a tree branch, including ... Read More »

What Is a Canker on a Tree Branch?

Tree cankers are dead portions of branches. Cankers can be caused by improper pruning practices or plant pathogens, according to Cornell University. Identification, treatment and prevention are thr... Read More »