How to Get a Land Declared Common?

Answer In England, common land is legally defined as any piece of real estate that is privately owned but available for public use. The use of common land found importance in England, where grazing cattle... Read More »

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Does a townhouse own the land beneath it whereas a condominium owners own only the unit plus a part of shared common grounds and amenities?

Read the appropriate descriptions of the real estate you want to buy. Usually, when buying a condominium, you purchase a unit, plus an interest in real estate assets that the association owns in c... Read More »

Doesn't townhouse ownership include the land beneath it versus a condominium where owners own only the air within the unit plus a part of shared common grounds and amenities?

When you buy real estate, you are entitled to understand exactly what is included in your ownership. For a condominium, you can read the governing documents that detail the boundary between what is... Read More »

How Are Animals Declared Endangered?

The Endangered Species Act was signed into law by Rickard Nixon in 1973. The purpose of this law is to protect endangered species and to protect species whose existence is threatened. There are two... Read More »

Definition of Declared Dividends?

Corporations can elect to pay out a portion of company profits to shareholders as dividends. Many stocks provide regular, quarterly dividend payments. Dividends can provide a boost to the total ret... Read More »