How to Get a Juicygoose Pinata?

Answer Viva Pinata is a game about piñatas and caring for them. Some of these piñatas are transformed into another. Piñatas are always more valuable when they are evolved.

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How to Buy a Pinata?

A piñata is a colorful and entertaining addition to a birthday party. Everybody can admire the brightly colored creature until it's time to take turns trying to hit it. Then it all ends in candy.

How to Rig a Ribbon Pinata?

A pinata makes an entertaining party activity for children and adults alike. Guests take turns attempting to break open the pinata's body to release candy or other favors. Ribbon pinatas are a good... Read More »

How to Create a Pinata?

The colorful pinata serves as both a party decoration and a game. Blindfolded youngsters take turns swinging a bat at a candy-filled pinata as it hangs overhead. Pinatas are popular at children's p... Read More »

Who created the pinata?

According to, the origin of the pinata is not attributed to one person but rather different cultures. While some believe the pinata originated in Mexico, many historians believe it be... Read More »