How to Get a Judgment on a Roommate?

Answer In order to get a judgment against a roommate, you must first sue him in court. You must prove your case to the judge, and the person being sued is given a chance to respond and show why he does no... Read More »

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Can a Roommate Throw Out Another Roommate?

Sharing an apartment with a good roommate offers the benefits of lower rent payments, shared household duties, lower utility bills and potentially companionship and practical support. Unfortunately... Read More »

How to Sue a Roommate?

Roommates do not have a specific legal relationship with each other like spouses, business partners, or landlords and tenants that may limit their ability to sue each other. To bring a successful l... Read More »

How do i evict a roommate in nyc?

PreventionConduct a background check of your roommate before he/she officially moves in. If you find that you don't get along with your roommate, you may have a predicament at hand; however, you ha... Read More »

How to Be a Good Roommate?

Have you ever had to share a home with a stranger or even a close friend, only to find out you can't live together? Living with other people can be difficult, especially when each person comes from... Read More »