How to Get a Judgment on a Roommate?

Answer In order to get a judgment against a roommate, you must first sue him in court. You must prove your case to the judge, and the person being sued is given a chance to respond and show why he does no... Read More »

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Can a Roommate Throw Out Another Roommate?

Sharing an apartment with a good roommate offers the benefits of lower rent payments, shared household duties, lower utility bills and potentially companionship and practical support. Unfortunately... Read More »

How to Sue a Roommate?

Roommates do not have a specific legal relationship with each other like spouses, business partners, or landlords and tenants that may limit their ability to sue each other. To bring a successful l... Read More »

How to Get Along with Your Roommate?

Here is how to get along with your roommate, if you are living with them, or anyhow else. Sometimes roommates want their own space, and it starts controversies, fights, and conflict. These are some... Read More »

How to Become Friends With Your Roommate?

If you are unluckily paired with a stranger this article will help you how to become friends with them!