How to Get a Journalism Class Introduced?

Answer Ever wonder what to do to get your group of aspiring journalists introduced and off to a running start as the Editor-in-Chief of your local high school newspaper? Well, your in luck, follow these s... Read More »

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How to Get Into Journalism?

You like to be on TV by getting into journalism? Look no further this article explains the basics needed for to become a renowned journalist. It's not hard as you think.

How to Get a Degree in Journalism?

Many college students hoping to one day break into the world of journalism opt to enter into English or communications degree programs and sign up for a number of journalism courses along the way. ... Read More »

How to Have a Career in Journalism?

Interviewing is part of a reporter's job description. Reporters also write, sometimes proofread copy, and take photos.Becoming a journalist is not something that can be taught through wikiHow. What... Read More »