How to Get a Job in a Foreign Country?

Answer Working in a foreign country can be both an asset to your professional development as well as a personal learning and growth experience. Many people choose to move overseas and work on both a tempo... Read More »

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Can custodial parent move minor out of country if she is going to get married to someone of a foreign country?

Answer Call the phone number on your court papers. Or call your court representitive. It is very important to be up-front in all of your dealings with the court. In some states you can not leav... Read More »

How to Tip in a Foreign Country?

A tip is an expression of appreciation for a service someone has provided. It generally takes the form of a small amount of money. Customs on tipping vary throughout the world. Use these recommenda... Read More »

How to Be Safe in a Foreign Country?

Is fear for your safety getting in the way of your relaxing vacations?While being in a foreign country may be fun, there is always danger abroad, just as there is danger at home. All visitors from ... Read More »

Who represents the US in a foreign country?

Depends on what the relations with that country are. Usually, it will be an ambassador. If relations are not so hot, but an embassy is still maintained, and charge d'affairs may be used in place of... Read More »