How to Get a Job As a Parliamentary Assistant?

Answer Parliamentary Assistants are key staff members to the Members of Parliament in the Canadian House of Commons. Sometimes called Legislative Assistants or Special Assistants, they provide the MP with... Read More »

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What does parliamentary republic mean?

A parliamentary republic is a form of government where the citizens elect representatives to a central legislative body that governs the country. Ninety percent of the citizens of Kyrgyzstan voted ... Read More »

Does the united state have a presidential or a parliamentary?

It consists of three branches of government: The judicial, legislative, and executive. The Judicial branch consists of a Supreme Court at the top, the Court of Appeals, The Federal Courts, then all... Read More »

How to Conduct a Meeting Using Proper Parliamentary Procedure?

Chances are, you will encounter a situation in which you find yourself either participating in, or leading, a meeting, at some time in your life. Depending on the formality of the meeting, you migh... Read More »

What is the difference between a medical assistant&a nursing assistant?

Medical assistants and nursing assistants assist health care professionals, such as physicians and nurses, by providing patient care in a health care setting. Responsibilities are similar in some w... Read More »