How to Get a Job After Two DUI Convictions?

Answer Evaluate your life. If you have had two convictions for driving while intoxicated and you are unemployed, something is definitely not working. Your first goal is to get sober and stay sober. Recove... Read More »

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How to Assess Criminal Convictions?

Assessing a criminal conviction requires identifying whether the conviction is a felony or misdemeanor and whether the conviction is state or federal. Such an assessment also requires being able to... Read More »

How to Handle Criminal Convictions in an Interview?

Finding a job when you have a criminal conviction can be difficult. Legally, any potential employer can ask about your criminal history and access your criminal record. Criminal records are made pu... Read More »

Is SR22 insurance required on all Utah DUI convictions?

After each Driving Under the Influence (DUI) conviction, a driver in Utah must have SR22 insurance for a time decided by the court, which could be up to three years or longer, to have a driver's li... Read More »

Can DUI convictions for drivers under age 21 be expunged in Michigan?

In Michigan, the zero-tolerance law states that a minor with a blood-alcohol level of more than .02 percent is driving under the influence. Not only are penalties for underage drinking and driving ... Read More »