How to Get a High Score on "Bouncing Balls"?

Answer "Bouncing Balls" is an Internet-based video game where you are tasked with forming groups of three or more balls of the same color. Each turn, you are given a ball that is red, yellow or blue. You ... Read More »

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How to Make High Quality Juggling Balls?

Juggling balls can cost lots of money. This will show you how to make very cheap yet very similar to professional juggling balls.

Do golf balls bounce higher than ping-pong balls?

The result of dropping a golf ball and a ping-pong ball of the same temperature, from the same height and on the same surface reveals that the golf ball would bounce higher than the ping-pong ball.... Read More »

Do cold balls bounce higher than warm balls?

According to the University of Illinois physics department, cold balls bounce lower than warm balls. For air-filled balls, there is less air pressure within a ball when it is cold because air contr... Read More »

Do range balls go just as far as regular golf balls?

Range balls generally have lower compression ratings and different dimple configurations to cause them to travel shorter distances. Companies do make range balls that travel and fly like regular go... Read More »