How to Get a Head Start on College?

Answer "I wanna go to Harvard"Congratulations! You have been thinking about your future in College. Applying to College, getting in and finally going off to College is a stressful but very rewarding exper... Read More »

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Difference Between Even Start and Head Start?

Head Start and Even Start are both educational initiatives that focus on providing educational programs for low-income children and families. Both programs are funded by organizations within the fe... Read More »

Requirements to Become a Head Nurse in College Station?

A head nurse is a management position. This supervisory job is a step above staff nurse . With this advancement comes more responsibility and higher salary. Head nurses are usually responsible for ... Read More »

Head start?

The sooner, the better! Not sure where you live, but in my smaller town the spaces in Head Start fill up fast! Most programs begin taking applications right now (beginning of Summer). Just give the... Read More »

Head Start Director's Job Description?

The Head Start program is a government-funded program for children in low-income families. The program gives students a head start to public education and transitions them into elementary school. A... Read More »