How to Get a Guy to Notice You when You Don't Have a Date for the Dance?

Answer You don't have a date for the dance and there's about two days left to get one! Don't panic - here is an article especially for you.

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What happens if i dont pay my tata photon plus postpaid bill. Already they send court notice to me.what happe?

Nothings gonna happenThey are just gng to call u to the court & ask u to pay the Bill with Fine nearabout Rs:- 3000 and if u dont go they will send cops to pick up [ just for a free ride to the pol... Read More »

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Does an incorrect date on a penalty infringement notice make it void (NSW)?

I am certain the officer knew it was July and not February when he wrote the ticket. 2 and 7 can be confused. I would not count on getting off.

How to Go to a Dance Without a Date?

We all know the humiliation of not having a date to go to a dance. Here's how to have lots of fun, with just your friends!