How to Get a Guy to Like You When You Are Overweight?

Answer You know how hard it can be to get a guy to like you when you're overweight! Follow these simple steps and you're bound to get someone to like you!

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Does it sound like I am overweight?

Your not over weight at all! Your actually a perfect weight for your height. Your BMI is 23.5, and a healthy BMI is 18.5-24.9. Anything over 25 is considered overweight. The weight however is proba... Read More »

If both of your parents are overweight how likely is the child to be overweight?

It is very likely that the child will be overweight if it has overweight parents. Obviously eating habits of overweight people are passed on to their children along with genes and the lack of motiv... Read More »

Is it normal to feel like pigging out on food all the time even if you're not hungry and not overweight?

AnswerYou did not mention your age. If you are in your teens, a big appetite is normal and as long as you are getting plenty of exercise and not gaining weight, you probably don't need to worry unl... Read More »

How to Get a Boyfriend when You're Overweight?

Just because your a little overweight doesn't mean you can't date so follow these tips to rope the man of your dreams!