How to Get a Guy to Like You Again After Summer?

Answer Want to get back to this?Were you and this guy totally into each other before summer started, and now that you're back in school, he seems to have lost his feelings for you? Good news: You may stil... Read More »

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How to Get Him to Like You Again After You've Called Him a Bad Name?

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My poinsettia made it through the summer; will it bloom again?

You should have brought it in already and placed it intotal darkness from about 5-6pm to morning (about 8am).It's advised to do this starting at the beginning of October.During the time you do this... Read More »

Omg i used to like this guy then I didn't and we started to be better friends and now I like him again what do I do?

Start flirting and make sure you look attractive when he's around. spend extra time with him. Good luck chica ;)