How to Get a Guy if His Girlfriend Lives in Another Country?

Answer You have the advantage in the situation because he is spending more time with you.We've all heard what bad karma it is to take away someone's man. But is it really that bad if they go willingly? As... Read More »

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If you are eighteen and your girlfriend is seventeen and was born in another country and her aunt and uncle have adopted her can you adopt her or help her get emancipated?

until she is 18 is up to the govement and her unkel to let you adopt her but when she is 18 she as a say if she wants you to adopt her

If i wanted to go to college in another country or in another state how would i do that?

Another state is fairly easy. Another country requires you obtain a student visa for that country (not too difficult, but you still have to get the visa)

What smaller country that is being guarded by another country is?

The particular health and safety risks which may be present in your own job role and the precautions you must take.

The way one country deals with another country is it's?