How to Get a Guy as a Best Friend?

Answer Do you have millions of close girlfriends, but don't know any guy friends? Want to see what it is like connecting with a person that might be different for you but don't want a boyfriend? Then, you... Read More »

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A diamond is a girl's best friend, what's a boy's best friend?

How to Determine when Your Best Friend Isn't Your Best Friend Anymore?

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How to Deal With a Friend Who Says You're Her Best Friend but Doesn't Act Like It?

Here are a few tips to deal with friends who say that you're their best friend but don't act like it.

My friend recently had a Concussion, but he doesn't remember anything, even me (Best Friend)?

I'm nooo doctor at all but I do know some things about the brain. It certainly is unpredictable and his concussion was definitely a bit more severe than others of he can't remember things. Honestly... Read More »