How to Get a Guy Who You Have Never Talked with to Like You?

Answer Are you a girl obsessed with a guy that is older than you and also is someone who has never talked to you? Unlike most advice you probably heard this actually works!

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How to Get a Guy You've Never Talked to Before?

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How to Tell a Friend They're Being Talked About?

Sometimes, you hear some nasty things about a friend of yours. Mostly, it is best to just let these comments slide as jealousy issues, but sometimes your friend should know.

Has the Pink Panther ever talked?

Surprisingly, Yes. He said "Gophers?"Thats not all. I heard him say "Why can't man be more like animals". He said it in anBrittish or a French accent. when he said the word can't.

Who's last person you talked on the phone?

my accounts lecturer :) about 45 minutes.second last person is my friend...about 10 mins...third last person is uuuuuu.. hmmm for 5 mins :D