How to Get a Great Score on Call of Duty 4 With Just C4s?

Answer You can get an incredibly good score with just C4s. In fact, on small maps, you might do better with just C4 and knife. Even if you don't do good, you will have a very fun time doing something comp... Read More »

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What do you call your great grandma's sister's husband's great niece?

When a couple is married and the wife has nieces who are daughters of her brothers or sisters, those nieces are also the nieces of her husband. So your great grandmother's sister's husband could ha... Read More »

What do they call a great grandfather and great grandmother in Scotland?

People can become alienated from their family, usually as a result of what we might describe as irreconcilable differences, which is to say, they cannot resolve their disagreements. Sometimes it's ... Read More »

What do you call great great aunts grandson?

Your great great aunt is the sister of one of your great grandparents. Her grandson is second cousin to one of your parents, and your second cousin, once removed.

What do you call your great great aunts daughter?