How to Get a Gothic Guy to Like You If You're Not Gothic?

Answer Have you ever had that crush on the guy in the corner, the one who is dark and mysterious? You want to approach him but looking down at your pink ballet flats and white lacy skirt, you realise that... Read More »

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How to Fix Your Hair Like a Gothic Fairy?

Gothic hairstyles are fun to create because you can be as colorful and edgy as you want. This style is easy to create, no matter what texture or color of hair you have. Classic Goth colors include ... Read More »

How to Get a Normal Guy to Like You if You're a Gothic Girl?

Do you have a crush on a guy who isn't goth? You want to approach him but looking at yourself, you think it might not be a good idea. Here are some good tips that you can try.

What is the name of this song(like a chorus you chills)?

It kind of reminds me of "Carmina Burana"... not sure though.

I want to paint my bedroom black, not so much on the gothic side, but like chic ideas?

Black can be cool if you mix it with bright, girly, and edgy colors. Like, all your furniture, bedspread, etc. could be hot pink or yellow. But seriously? Probably will get depressing after a wh... Read More »