How to Get a Gorgeous Complextion?

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What to eat in pregnancy to got fair complextion baby?

A child's genetics are responsible for traits like fair skin, hair color, eye color, etc. What you eat does not affect these traits. The only thing that is affected by what the mother eats during p... Read More »

How to Be Gorgeous?

You can achieve being gorgeous with some effort and continuous upkeep. Obtaining that gorgeous glow means paying attention to your personal hygiene, health, appearance, style and attitude. Follow t... Read More »

Do you think I'm gorgeous?

Try to go for a more natural look? i think itll look better.

How can I be 'Gorgeous'?

well you already have natural beauty and potential and a pretty smilewell 1st of all smeeling good makes u more attractive2nd eye liner and mascara brings out your eyes and makes them pop3rd lip g... Read More »