How to Get a Good Tip as a Waiter?

Answer Waiting tables sometimes comes off as an easy job. If one wants to make good money doing it, it is not always easy. Here are the steps that will guarantee a happy customer and a good tip.

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How to Be a Good Waiter on Club Penguin?

Jealous of the other waiters in the pizza place? Do you want to be a good waiter on Club Penguin? These steps will show you how and more! NOTE! WHEN DESCRIBING THE CLOTHES, MUCH ADVICE IS FOR GIRLS!

How to Make Good Tips As a Waiter?

The best thing about being a waiter is walking out of work each day with cash in your pocket. Tips can be a wonderful thing, but they're not always easy to come by. Here is how to get the best tips... Read More »

Do any one know what percentage to give a waiter or waitress for a good tip.?

U cheap fux need to stay your broke @sses at home and learn to cook. They are taxed on all reciepts they turn assuming they earn 15%. So if they turn in 1000 bucks worth of reciepts, Uncle Sam as... Read More »

How to Be a Waiter?

Working in a restaurant environment can be tough work, especially when you have a nagging boss, complaining customers, limited time, and interesting co-workers. Yet, so many people are applying for... Read More »