How to Get a Good Seat in Class?

Answer Though it may not seem important, where you sit in a class can greatly affect your feelings about the subject, thus, your grades. Depending on your personality, your abilities, and what you want to... Read More »

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Is it illegal to use to a ff class 1 car seat for a toddler under 9kgs?

I wouldn't be concerned with legality- I would be concerned about her surviving a crash. Check out the link- it has a lot of information about why RF is safer.What if your 13 month old w... Read More »

Is there a certain vehicle class or weight where you do not have to wear a seat belt?

Two-wheeled and three-wheeled vehicles. That's pretty much it.

How to Be a Good Class Monitor?

Being the class monitor is a big responsibility. It takes a lot of dedication, courage, leadership abilities and time to be a good one. This article will help you get started on your path to be a g... Read More »

How to Get a Good Seat at the Movies?

Have you ever gotten to the movies and all the good seats were taken? Well, here's how to avoid it!