How to Get a Good Rod in Pokemon Platinum?

Answer A Magikarp. They can only be caught with an old rod.Sick and tired of that old rod? Want to get Gyarados instead of Magikarp?Well, this can help you!

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How to Make a Good Poffin on Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum?

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How to Teach Gym Leader Moves to Pokemon Without TMs in Pokemon Platinum?

Each Gym Leader has a signature move that they give to you to teach to your Pokemon via a TM. However these TMs are single use and cannot be re-obtained. This is changed in Pokemon Black and White.... Read More »

How to Get Perfect Ivs in Pokemon Platinum With Wild Pokemon (With Action Replay)?

Have to beat a Trainer that you can't beat?If so, than this article is for you!

How to Get Charizard on "Pokemon: Platinum"?

Players can obtain the Pokemon Charizard in "Pokemon Platinum," but they must be willing to start another Pokemon adventure first. Charmander, Charmeleon and Charizard are not available in "Pokemon... Read More »