How to Get a Good Rod in Pokemon Platinum?

Answer A Magikarp. They can only be caught with an old rod.Sick and tired of that old rod? Want to get Gyarados instead of Magikarp?Well, this can help you!

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How to Make a Good Poffin on Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum?

Anyone who has played Pokemon Diamond, Pearl or Platinum has encountered the opportunity to make a poffin from a berry to give to their Pokemon. Poffins are considered as treats for Pokemon and the... Read More »

How to Get Perfect Ivs in Pokemon Platinum With Wild Pokemon (With Action Replay)?

Have to beat a Trainer that you can't beat?If so, than this article is for you!

How to Teach Gym Leader Moves to Pokemon Without TMs in Pokemon Platinum?

Each Gym Leader has a signature move that they give to you to teach to your Pokemon via a TM. However these TMs are single use and cannot be re-obtained. This is changed in Pokemon Black and White.... Read More »

Where is Dr-Phil in Pokemon Platinum?

what the heck do u mean there is no Dr-Phil in Pokemon