How to Get a Good Metal Tone on Guitar?

Answer Here we will learn how to get the right guitar tone for playing metal. Whether you´re playing Cannibal Corpse or Metallica, a good, professional sounding tone is essential, unless you want to be b... Read More »

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How to Get a Good Jazz Guitar Tone?

The Gibson Les Paul is traditionally associated with rock, but Les himself was a jazz cat and he defied tradition by building a solid body electric guitarThere are some jazz purists who say the onl... Read More »

How do I Get Good Sounding Tone From a Bass Guitar Rig?

Achieve a good sounding tone from your bass guitar rig by making various changes to your signal chain. Experiment with a variety of sounds by trying different picks, finger picking techniques, bass... Read More »

How do i get good metal guitar in reason 4.0?

Reason is a music-production program popular among amateur mixers and musicians. It allows you to synth numerous sounds, add effects, sample music and edit sound digitally in nearly any way possibl... Read More »

Guitar electronics: can you turn a neck tone potentiometer into a bridge tone potentiometer with a switch.?

Harder, but more correct, use a push-pull or coaxial potentiometer. You have two tone controls, one for each, Same for volume. Or a coaxial tone/volume pot for each pickup.But to directly do what y... Read More »