How to Get a Good Job when You Are Older?

Answer Getting a good job is something not very many are able to accomplish since not too many embrace the fact they need hard work to get there. No matter what you want to be, you need a good education t... Read More »

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Are you a good sleeper I am not..........the older I get the less I sleep...what is a good remedy for that?

I can sleep good if I don t0uch coffee after 2 pm. ANd a remedy to you to make sure you are really tired before you go to bed so you sleep good

What are some good older jams?

What are good gifts for an older sister?

you say oh what your fravroite thing or while there out take a look and you might find somthing they like or just get a picture of yourselfs

If you be healthy at a young age will you be good when your older?

It sure increases your chances!In sports, especially, eating smart and staying in great physical shape improves your play and more importantly keeps your risk of injury less. Big injuries are the ... Read More »