How to Get a Good Jazz Guitar Tone?

Answer The Gibson Les Paul is traditionally associated with rock, but Les himself was a jazz cat and he defied tradition by building a solid body electric guitarThere are some jazz purists who say the onl... Read More »

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What is a jazz tone on a guitar?

Jazz guitar is not only recognizable by the guitarist's playing style, but by the guitar's tone and overall sound. Although some modern jazz guitarists experiment with other sounds and tones, it is... Read More »

How to Get a Good Metal Tone on Guitar?

Here we will learn how to get the right guitar tone for playing metal. Whether you´re playing Cannibal Corpse or Metallica, a good, professional sounding tone is essential, unless you want to be b... Read More »

How do I Get Good Sounding Tone From a Bass Guitar Rig?

Achieve a good sounding tone from your bass guitar rig by making various changes to your signal chain. Experiment with a variety of sounds by trying different picks, finger picking techniques, bass... Read More »

Guitar electronics: can you turn a neck tone potentiometer into a bridge tone potentiometer with a switch.?

Harder, but more correct, use a push-pull or coaxial potentiometer. You have two tone controls, one for each, Same for volume. Or a coaxial tone/volume pot for each pickup.But to directly do what y... Read More »