How to Get a Good Haircut?

Answer You've probably been down both these roads: the blissful, happy-go-lucky road of the good haircut, and the unfortunate, dreaded road of, "I can't believe my barber just said 'oops' and I'm still go... Read More »

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I need a japanese haircut. What are some good websites for haircut Ideas?'ve used this site before when getting my haircut. But be warned that if your stylist is not familiar with the techniques used by Japanese stylist, you will not get the r... Read More »

Would this haircut look good on me?

yes it really would--- it matches your eyes and shape pf your face and you have the best haircolor for it

Will i look good with this haircut?

I'd go for it. It's only hair, it will grow back, and you only live once. Have fun with it.

Would I look good with this haircut?

You're gorgeous!! And yeah I think that hairstyle would look really good on you!! It's a cute hairstyle, I've wanted it too but my hair's not long enough =/