How to Get a Golden Slingshot?

Answer Do you not have a guidebook to Animal Crossing: Wild World? Well, if you have the game and you want the golden slingshot, here's how.

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How to Use a Slingshot?

In the following paragraphs learn how to use a slingshot(Pea Shooter).

How Do I Get the Slingshot in'Pitfall'for the Wii?

Jump into the water just beyond Bittenbinder's Camp near the end of level one. Swim to the opposite side of the water where you can climb back onto land. Jump-kick the trees to gain access to the G... Read More »

How to Master a Slingshot?

Slingshots have became the most primitive weapon through history. If you have a rubber band wrapped around a Y stick then please buy a real one. When shooting a slingshot it is the quietest weapon ... Read More »

How to Play Slingshot War?

Slingshot war has been played many times in different countries, but it was first played in Norway. Here is a short tutorial for everyone that wants to be a soldier, without to kill someone.