How to Get a Girl with Your Eyes?

Answer To all you boys and men who are looking for women, you've come to the right page. This article will tell you how to get a girl with your eyes and even how to get a girl with yourself. Just follow t... Read More »

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How to Flirt With a Girl With Only Your Eyes?

Here is how to flirt using just your eyes.

Men do your eyes gravitate to a beautiful woman, in a long velvet gown, with her hair up or a girl in a short?

K, so I'm not a man or anything, but I always find myself checking out chicks who don't dress like bimbos. The velvet would definite get my attention, and not only would I dig her awesome, quirky s... Read More »

Attention people with blue or green eyes: Are your eyes sensitive to light?

My eyes are blue/grey and yes, I love overcast days only because I don't have to squint as much! The only thing that I have found is wearing sun glasses when ever I am out. I believe we are more ... Read More »

Can a girl get pregnant by another girl that has had sex with a man Can a girl get pregnant from another girl if the other girl has had sex with a man and then had intercourse with the first girl?

No Phew I just had sex with a girl and it was freken sexy!!!! SEX IZ HOT WITH THE SAME GENDER!!!!!!!!! less sexier with guyz! oh, sex rules : suck the nipple er nutalways lites off!DONT 4 GET 2 SUC... Read More »