How to Get a Girl when You Are the Class Clown?

Answer Ask a girl what she is looking for in a potential partner and most will say a sense of humor but why then is it so difficult as the class clown to get the girl, who has a better sense of humor then... Read More »

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How to Be a Class Clown?

Being a class clown man will make people laugh and invite you in their social group. This will also get you closer with your teacher because she will drive you harder and when the year is over you ... Read More »

How to Handle a Class Clown?

The class clown is a source of stress in the classroom for many teachers. Rather than a student who passes notes or whispers, the class clown demands attention on a nearly constant basis. She does ... Read More »

How to Survive in School While Being the Class Clown?

Characteristics of a class clown include disruptive behavior; a desire for attention; above-average or, conversely, poor learning skills; emotional insecurity; immaturity and hyperactivity. Althoug... Read More »

How to Stop Your Child From Being a Class Clown?

Children often are loud, act wild or otherwise get out of line in school to attain some sort of gratification. Some act up to escape having to do something, while others do it to get attention. Whe... Read More »