How to Get a Girl to Like You when She Is Being Bullied?

Answer How to get a girl to like you when she is being bullied. Here are some helpful, accurate suggestions.

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Umm at school im being mentally bullied by a girl constantly and the principle wont do anythin what do i do?

Try to confront her yourself and if your friends leave you because of her you know they arnt 'real' friends..If confronting her about the matter doesnt help try telling your parents and asking them... Read More »

How to Cope when You're Being Bullied by a Teacher at University?

You've tried your best at University,you give it your all and your efforts aren't recognized because your teacher isn't giving you any credit. Or maybe their just being unfair. Here's a way to deal... Read More »

How to Enjoy School Life, Even when You're Being Bullied?

Everyone gets bullied at least one time in their life, and this can put us off going to school. So, how do we enjoy school life, when there is constantly someone mocking us? Read the article below ... Read More »

What does the bully feel like when they have bullied someone else?

They feel scared, so they bully someone whos weakier then them. Or someone who won't fight back. Also bullies only bully when they have two people in back of them.