How to Get a Girl to Like You in 6th Grade in a Private School?

Answer Private school. Uniforms. Hard to socialize. Bummer. Well, lucky for you, I have a way to get any girl to like you.

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Do you like this first day of school outfit (8th grade girl)?

Yes but the skirt is too short. Do you want to get sent home on your first day or be forced to wear those God awful gym shorts to all of your classes? Thats what used to happen to people that viola... Read More »

How to Survive Fifth Grade in a Private School?

Fifth grade can be a challenging and difficult year. It's when you stop being a little kid. You start caring about the way you look, what your grades are, and what your peers and teachers think of ... Read More »

How do I get my daughters public county school to pay for her to go to a private school for the blind. What do I fo to get them to change placement on her IEP to be at a Private School.?

I am a retired special educator with 28 years experience. The first thing that you need to know is that many public schools do not want to pay for a placement at a private school as it is extremely... Read More »

How to Be a Popular Girl in a Private School?

This popular girl looks pretty, nice and admirable.If you're about to switch from public to a private high school, these tips can help you feel confident and blend in on your first day. Appearance ... Read More »