How to Get a Girl to Like You Fast?

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How can a 13 year old girl lose like 5-10 pounds fast but without having to buy specific foods.?

Sit ups (curl ups same thing) Wil help do 100 every 2 days. Im serious you'll reall see a diference. Do them not in a rush. Jump rope 3 min straight morning . SWIM as much as you can. Hoolaoop ever... Read More »

I'm a 15 year year old girl. when ever i get nervous my heart starts beating like really fast, what to do?

It sounds like a mild anxiety. I suffer from it so badly my heart skips beats, so I understand how scary it can be. Normally walking away from a nervous situation, or sitting down and taking long... Read More »

Odd sci-fi cartoon Girl in space suit is conversing with Leprechaun-like man on two way visigraph Girl is very attractive almost like Gina Lollobrigida its a cartoon Help?

Looking over cartoon stills it seems probable the Girl is Crystal from the (space Angel) who was the navigator/radio operator of the UN operated Douglas Starduster, I cannot access the Leprechaun c... Read More »

How to Be and Look Like A Mean Girl While in Girl Scouts?

Have you seen movies such as Mean Girls, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, and also The Clique? Have you wondered how to be and look like them while with your Girl Scouts Troop? If so, this art... Read More »