How to Get a Girl You Don't Know to Sign Your Yearbook?

Answer So, it's the end of the year, and you just want something to remember that girl by. The problem is, you don't know her, and if you don't know her, getting her to sign your yearbook might be a probl... Read More »

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How to Get Someone You Like to Sign Your Yearbook?

Want to have a signature and message from your crush that will last forever and you can look at in the summer? Want to do that without being embarrassed or it being apparent that you like them?

How to Sign a Yearbook?

Signing a yearbook is often an art form, so it should be taken very seriously. Most likely, people will remember you by it.

How to Sign a Yearbook Using Acronyms the Alternatives to H.A.G.S?

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How to Sign a Yearbook to Someone Who Loves Harry Potter?

Do you have a friend who loves Harry Potter? and they are leaving for the summer , this is a step by step guide on how to sign their yearbook.