How to Get a Friend Back from Someone Who Is Taking Them Away?

Answer If you are slowly losing a really good friend of yours to someone else then simply follow these easy steps:

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How to Make a Friend Like You when Your Enemy Keeps Taking Them Away?

How to make a Friend Like you When Your Enemy keeps taking them away

Why do they keep taking Seniors medical marijuana away from them?

After a run and smokin' a fatty to the head, I'd have to say the answer is quite clear...Mind and money control. It doesn't just take physical and mental pain away, it can make one realize they don... Read More »

How to Get Away from a Friend Without Making Them Feel Upset?

Do you ever feel the need to get away from someone without making that person feel bad or having you feel guilty? Need time off to relax? Here are some suggested "ways out".

Is it bad to back away from a family friend w/ cancer?

DEAR MIKEY,Please don't back away from your family friend,because of cancer. you can not get it that way.your family friend,needs all the support he or she can get.I just lost my husband on FEB 10,... Read More »