How to Get a Friend Back from Someone Who Is Taking Them Away?

Answer If you are slowly losing a really good friend of yours to someone else then simply follow these easy steps:

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How did i friend my friend back who already unfriend me on facebook?

She just didn't block you. You can un-friend someone without blocking them. Unless there's more to it than that... But judging from your question I think that was where you were going.

How to Make a Friend Like You when Your Enemy Keeps Taking Them Away?

How to make a Friend Like you When Your Enemy keeps taking them away

What should I do if my best friend keeps taking half much lunch?

find somewhere and sneak and eat before lunch and she will think you dont have lunch that day do it for bout a week and when she starts bringing hers take it

How to Deal with a Rude Friend Who is Taking Advantage of You?

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