How to Get a Free iPhone 4 Case from Apple?

Answer This article has been marked as historical. This deal is no longer available This how-to was a former featured article. (Posted 2010-11-09).On July 23, 2010 Apple began allowing iPhone 4 owners to ... Read More »

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Is apple coming out with a new iphone with video chat and if so is it also true that current iPhone 3g owners will get upgraded 4 free?

with the new 3.0 software update it is expected to be possible

How do you get a free iPhone 4 case?

You can't you will need to purchase one.

How do you transfer free the apple iPhone contacts to mac os x?

Using the button on the top-right of your phone. Push and release quickly just once, and your iPhone will lock.

Can I buy an iphone from apple and then activate it with verizon free of cost?

Verizon and ATT phones are very different. They are not compatible with each other. So getting an AT&T phone then try to activate it with Verizon, it won't work.The best thing to do is look for som... Read More »