How to Get a Free Song from iTunes?

Answer Sick of that "Buy Song" label by songs? Want it free and perfectly legal? Find the free single of the week, and see the "Get Song" label.

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I got the iPhone 3g for Christmas and i went on LimeWire and put ashlee simpsons song boyfriend into the itunes file. but what do i do now to get it from itunes onto my iPod in my phone?

How to Create a Free iPhone Ringtone Using a Song in iTunes?

Don't want to spend $1 on a ring for your iPhone? These instructions will help guide you through the steps of making your own free iPhone ringtone using a song in your own iTunes library. These ins... Read More »

How to Get a Song From BitTorrent to iTunes?

BitTorrent is a program that assist users in downloading and uploading files via the Internet. BitTorrent users typically download files faster since the file is downloaded from more than one sourc... Read More »

How do you convert a song from iTunes to mp3 format?

There are many programs to do this. Itunes itself have a converter.To convert a song's file format: 1. Open iTunes Preferences. Windows: On the Edit menu, click Preferences. Mac: From t... Read More »