How to Get a Foreign Object Dislodged From a Toilet?

Answer Toilets are heavily used objects in the home and often become clogged up. Most clogs are removed with a standard plunger that pushes debris out of the pipe. If the clog is the result of a foreign o... Read More »

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How to Unclog a Foreign Object From a Toilet?

You just flushed your toilet and are frustrated to find that the water continues to rise instead of drain. After asking your family about the clog, you discover that your child lost a toy in your t... Read More »

Foreign object in eye, now it's red and swollen.?

Three days is long enough to wait....get thee to an Ophthalmologist

Your Has your child ever swallowed a foreign object before?

Well, at 11 months old my little one got choked on a Dorito. It scared the bajesus out of me and he has NEVER eaten them again. NEVER!Also, at 6 months he got a hold of a what I thought was a penny... Read More »

How to Remove a Foreign Object from a Choking Victim?

What would you do if someone around you started choking? Would you know how to help or what to do? Choking is an obstruction in the air way that gets blocked by a foreign object.