How to Get a Flash Drive to Open With iTunes & Not Windows Media Player?

Answer Windows Media Player is set as the default media program for Windows 7 installations. If you double-click a file on the computer and Windows Media Player is capable of playing that file, the file w... Read More »

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How to Put MP3 Files From a Flash Drive to the Windows Media Player?

A USB flash drive is a memory device commonly used to transfer files from one machine to another. Flash drives can hold any type of file and as many that will fit on the drive. You can transfer fil... Read More »

How to Use Both iTunes & Windows Media Player?

You can use both the iTunes and Windows Media Player media software on your computer. Although iTunes is the only software iPods use to sync up media such as songs and movies, you can use both pla... Read More »

How do I change from iTunes to Windows Media Player?

iTunes SettingsLaunch iTunes. Go to the Edit menu, and select "Preferences." Click "Import Settings," and change the format to "MP3 Encoder." Click "OK," and close the tab.Convert to MP3Hold down t... Read More »

How to Put Songs From Windows Media Player to iTunes?

You may use the Windows Media Player software to play songs that you have downloaded or otherwise saved on your computer. ITunes also plays a wide variety of audio files. Adding the Windows Media P... Read More »