How to Get a Drum Off a 2003 Ford Focus SE?

Answer The 2003 Ford Focus is a compact sedan and hatchback that is manufactured with American engineering. Known for its handling, the Focus is an official rally car of the World Rally Championship. To m... Read More »

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How to Remove the Brake Drum From a 2003 Ford Focus?

The Focus was introduced in the 2000 model year to replace the Escort as the company's economy vehicle. The Focus comes standard with a transverse-mounted four-cylinder engine, five-speed manual tr... Read More »

How to Change the Drum Brakes on a Ford Focus?

The base model Ford Focus is equipped with rear drum brakes that provide about 20 percent of the braking force developed by the system. Over time, the brake shoes will wear, and this will cause a d... Read More »

How to Replace a Rear Drum on a Ford Focus?

The rear drum on a Ford Focus is what the brake shoes push against to slow down the car. The brake pad, called a "shoe," sits inside of the "drum." When you press on the brake pedal, hydraulic flui... Read More »

Ford Focus Rear Drum Removal?

The Ford Focus features disk brakes behind the front tires and drub brakes behind the rear tires. Disk brakes provide better braking performance than drums, but are often unnecessary at the rear wh... Read More »