How to Get a Dog to Swallow Medicine?

Answer As there are very few dogs that will swallow a pill willingly, you may have to trick them into doing this. This article will tell you a few ways to trick them into taking it.

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How to Swallow Bitter Medicine?

No one likes to take medicine, and when the taste going down is bad, it makes the dislike double. So how do you stomach that nasty thing that is suppose to make you feel better? The following are a... Read More »

Is western medicine just applied statistics What then is alternative medicine?

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Do you think Ayurvedic medicine is more effective or is much better as compared to chinese medicine?

they are both highly over rated. The primitive beliefs of the people from a country where the life expectancy is so very short are NOT a fertile ground for finding medical wisdom

Which one do you feel is best among modern medicine, homeopathy, ayurveda or any other system of medicine Why?

Meditation along with raising Kundalini because it prevents illness. : )